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World Premiere! New Documentary! July 10-12

JMGFilms Premiere of "Making Up My Mind: Searching for Jimmy Lyons"

A free/by donation online documentary screening event about Jimmy Lyons, the renowned jazz poet and musician who was once arrested in New York City for his genre-bending style.

A predecessor to hip hop, and contemporary to Jack Kerouac, Bob Dylan and Cecil Taylor, Jimmy Lyons was an artist in the truest sense!

To watch the film during the screening weekend (July 10th-12th), simply email us at: for the exclusive password,
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WELCOME to the documentary world of director Jeff M. Giordano!

For nearly 20 years, he has been creating films and interviewed over 130 people for independent productions.

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From May 15 – 17, Rain Taxi, an independent literary venue in Minneapolis is presenting our 70-minute documentary about blind poet/artist Charles Curtis Blackwell!!

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Recent Screening: 68th Columbus International Film & Animation Festival (April 2020).

World Premiere: San Francisco Black Film Festival (2019)  followed by screenings at Over-the-Rhine International Film Festival, Silicon Valley African Film Festival, 15th Poppy Jasper Film Festival, and International Premiere in Greece at the Documentary Festival of Ierapetra.

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The God Given Talent: The Creative Life of Charles Curtis Blackwell (2019)

April 18, 2020
Still going! Onward! Special Message from Jeff M. Giordano…

March 21, 2020
In response to the shelter-in-place, Jeff launched a bandcamp page for Charles Curtis Blackwell’s latest poetry (recording his poems over the phone) for two albums of spoken word poetry. If you can, please buy the albums and support! Individual poems cost $1 and each album is $5 (including bonus tracks 🙂

 Charles is the star of Jeff’s 2019 documentary The God Given Talent

First 15 Minutes ::: ROMANTIC CHORUS (Animated-Documentary, 2021)

The First Cut is 85-minutes and visually supported by temporary imagery that are a diverse range of still photos from cinema history, which illustrate the themes and content of the participant’s voices. Even though the photos are temporary, they add an exciting layer to the project — deepening the imaginative possibilities for the Animation.

Contribute to the Online Fundraiser for the Animation & Post-Production costs of ROMANTIC CHORUS

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Directed/produced by Jeff M. Giordano.
Edited by Aaron Gwynn.

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