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Director (17 credits)

2020 Untitled Animated-Documentary About Romantic Love (Documentary-Feature)

2019 Making Up My Mind: Searching for Jimmy Lyons 
(Mid-Length Documentary)

2019 The God Given Talent: The Creative Life of Charles Curtis Blackwell (Documentary-Feature)

2018 Passion is the Money (Documentary-Feature)

2017 Charles Curtis Blackwell (Documentary Short)

2016 Caress Me (Narrative Short)

2016 Into the Light (Documentary Short)

2015 The Thrill Is Gone ((Documentary-Feature)

2014 Sutro Wants My Body (Narrative Short)

2014 Long-Distance Runners: A Cross-Cultural Love Story

2012 King David: Part One (Documentary Short)

2011 The Tao of Bear Creek (Documentary Short)

2008 Cuticles (16mm Narrative Short)

2007 Twenty-Seven Stories (Documentary Short)

2007 The Sheriff (Documentary Short)

2005 Marla & Martha (Documentary Short)

2004 Among Garbage & Flowers (Documentary Short)

Jeff M. Giordano has been directing films since 2004’s Among Garbage & Flowers. He has interviewed over 100 people for documentary productions. Giordano has completed 4 full-length documentaries. Most recently, The God Given Talent: The Creative Life of Charles Curtis Blackwell (2019): a 70 minute-documentary which had its World Premiere at the 20th San Francisco Black Film Festival on June 15, 2019.

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